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Coolidge Health Office Fax 607-762-8396      Franklin Health Office Fax 607-762-8393
Jefferson Health Office Fax 607-763-8436     McArthur Health Office Fax 607-762-6067
Mann Health Office Fax 607-762-8394          Roosevelt Health Office Fax 607-762-8395
Wilson Health Office fax 607-763-8448


Students who are required to have a current physical on file in the health office at your child’s school include the following:

Grade PreK, K, 1,3,5
Students new to the district
Students referred to Special Services may also need to have a current physical.

If your child has had a recent physical, please contact their provider to have it faxed to the school health office. If they have not had a recent physical, please contact their provider for an appointment, and call the school health office with this date.

Students who do not have a current physical, or a scheduled appointment for one, will be scheduled for an appointment with the school provider.

Students who attend Franklin or Roosevelt, also have the option of having a physical with the UHS School Based Health Center in their building.

Franklin School Based Health Center 607-762-6017
Roosevelt School Based Health Center 607-762-6012

Physical form pdf

Athletic form pdf

IMMUNIZATIONS requirements:

Students in grades 7-9 are required to have a specific number of doses of a variety of immunizations on file in the health office to attend school. The vaccine types and doses vary according to grade.

Immunization requirements

One exceptions is allowed at this time:

Medical exemption- the student’s medical provider must verify, each year, what vaccines they are exempt from, and why they should be considered exempt from this vaccine(s).

In the event that there is an outbreak of a vaccine preventable illness in your child’s school, your child will be required to remain out of school, for their health, until 14 days after the last reported case of illness.


Students are required to participate in physical education. If your child has a medical condition, injury or illness preventing them from participation, an excuse from their medical provider is required.
If a long term, or permanent modification is needed, the provider should complete the physical education medical form.
The school health office may only excuse a student from physical education for one (1) day without a physician’s order.

Medical Exemption form pdf


Fever- if your child has had a fever, they should remain home from school until they have been without fever for 24 hours- without medication. This allows for the possibility of return of the fever, and gives the body time to rest and repair before returning to school, and possible exposure to other illnesses in a weakened state.

Vomiting/diarrhea- any child that has either of these in the evening or early morning, should not come to school that morning. If there is an underlying medical condition that is the cause of either of these problems, please contact your school’s health office.


Any food restrictions and related medications should be reported to the school’s health office directly, and as soon as possible. This includes food allergies, medical conditions, i.e. celiac, religious restrictions, or any other factors affecting food intake. Please have the medical provider complete the Diet Prescription Form.

Diet form pdf


If your child has a dental exam, you may take the form below to be completed at the time of their visit. This is optional, and not required for them to attend school.

Dental form pdf


Please contact the school health office, or your medical provider if you have any questions or concerns.

Common diseases and their signs/symptoms. H-57


ANY medications that a student requires at school should be brought to the school health office by an adult. This includes over the counter medications. An order is required from their medical provider, and should also be signed by the parent/guardian.

Student may only carry medication on their person, if approved by their medical provider and the school health office.

Medication form pdf

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